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Keeping Pets Happy In Owners Corporations

Happy Pets Are Not Nuisance Pets

pets owners corporation managementPets. You either love them or you hate them.

In shared living spaces, the divide between pet lovers and those less inclined to have a furry friend of their own can be a difficult one to manage.

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How do you ensure pet owners maintain their rights to the enjoyment of their property while ensuring the harmony of common areas for all involved?

Owners Corporations are limited in their scope to ban pets – and even when rules have been made to ban them, they have been struck down by VCAT – so how can pets be managed in shared living spaces?

The major responsibility lies with pet owners. While Owners Corporations are limited in their ability to proactively ban pets, there are certainly plenty of avenues open to irate lot owners or tenants when pets become a nuisance in general.

If you’re a pet owner living in a strata-titled property, it is vital you take steps to ensure your pets are kept healthy and happy to ensure they do not become a nuisance to other owners.

While you might have a right to your pets, so to do other owners to their peace, quiet and harmonious enjoyment of their property. The easiest way to ensure that is to keep your pet well exercised, well hydrated and clean.

A happy pet usually is not a nuisance pet.

At Strata Plan, we are seeing an increasing number of complaints in Melbourne Owners Corporations about pet noise and waste.

We’ve compiled our tips for ensuring your pets happiness in your building to help you be a happy, harmonious pet owner.



Pets, particularly dogs, need exercise. You wouldn’t like to be couped up on a balcony for days on end and neither do animals.

If you own a dog, particularly bigger breeds, try and get them out of the apartment and take them for a walk around the block once a day. It does not have to be a marathon, just enough to keep that tail wagging.

Other benefits of regular walks include ensuring your pet knows how to get home if he or she ever gets out and ensuring your pet is sufficiently tired to sleep through the night.


Regardless of where you stand on that particular divide, everyone will agree that pet waste is an unsightly and unwelcome if left unattended by the owner – especially in common areas.

Faeces need to be disposed of immediately and urine should be cleaned with warm, soapy water. If your dog leaves waste on common property, make sure you clean it up.

While common sense – and decency – dictates that any waste left on common property should be immediately cleaned, even excess waste left on private property can prove a nuisance. Bad smells emanating from a balcony or courtyard littered can be enough to trigger a complaint to your Owners Corporation or even worse a reportable offence to the RSPCA.


dogs apartments

We all have to work and sometimes that means leaving the pet home alone. If you have to lead your furry pal at home, make sure you leave him or her with enough water to get through the day.

Failure to do so will leave your pet irritable, which is when they can become a nuisance to others.


At Strata Plan, we ask all pet owners living on strata titles we help to manage register their pet with the Owners Corporation.

This helps to ensure your Owners Corporation has a complete record of pets in the property which can be important in the event of an emergency. This can also help to clear your pet’s name if complaints are made.

You can register your pet with your Owners Corporation online HERE.

In the event that you are concerned for the animals welfare, you can also contact the RSPCA Victoria on 03 9224 2222, or lodge a report online HERE.

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