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Let Strata Plan know of your moving in or out from your property using this form.

Due to stage 4 restrictions currently in place for Victoria all access device orders and temporary access requests must be booked via the post option only. Please ensure you allow for enough time to cover the postage period.

Alternatively, if you are seeking temporary access to an essential service (Water, Electricity of Telecommunications) cupboard, the essential service worker only is able to attend our office to collect the key. Please note that members of the public are not permitted to attend our offices for collection of keys or devices.

Please note if you are a tenant we will require your managing agent authorization.

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Move-In / Move-Out Details - (If you don't know your Plan of Subdivision Number, click here. You can also find your Plan of Subdivision Number on your fee notice)

Please Note: We need 2 business days notice to action your Move-In / Move-Out request

Move in without lift padding – No ChargeMove in with lift protection covers – Charges Apply (starting from $88.00)

By selecting this option you agree to accept any charges for damages that may be caused to common property during the duration of your move.

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