Victorian Government Bans Flammable Cladding

Victorian Government Bans Flammable Cladding

strata manager owners corporation melbourneThe Victorian government will ban the use of flammable building cladding on buildings, but has admitted it grossly overstated the amount of buildings at risk from their cladding.

The government established a Cladding Taskforce in the immediate aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire in London in June 2017.

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Originally, it was reported that 1369 structures in Victoria were thought to be at risk, however 608 of those have not begun construction, while another 188 are only partially built, as confirmed by the office of Planning Minister Richard Wynne.

“We’re putting a stop to dangerous combustible cladding being used on Victorian buildings,” Mr. Wynne said.

“This has been allowed to go on for too long and we’re ending it.

“The rules are clear: if builders use these dangerous flammable products, they’ll face disciplinary action from the VBA.

“There is nothing more important than public safety.”

Those buildings will not be allowed to be finished using the newly banned materials.

These new ministerial directives ensure surveyors across the state will only be able to grant development approval for projects using cladding products not on the banned list.

This means that aluminium cladding with a polyethylene core of more than 30 per cent and expanded polystyrene panels will be banned on all multi-storey buildings.

This follows the Victorian government ban on polyethylene cladding on towers above two levels, which was put in place in December.

It is hoped the new rules will provde greater clarity for suppliers, builders and developers about what can and cannot be used.

Meanwhile, the Victorian Building Authority is continuing to act on the Cladding Taskforce’s recommendation of carrying out an audit of suspect buildings.

To date, 87 buildings have been audited.

The VBA and local government Municipal Building Surveyors are issuing emergency orders and building orders or notices on properties found to be non-compliant.

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