Victorian Government announces $600m cladding rectification fund for Owners Corporations

Victorian Government announces $600m fund and new Cladding Safety Victoria body to rectify cladding crisis

cladding fire
Photo: Andrew Henshaw (Herald Sun)

Cladding Safety Victoria is the latest government body announced to help tackle the ongoing cladding crisis in Victoria.

The State Government announcement sees the creation of a $600million package which will be used to help Owners Corporations fix buildings with combustible cladding.

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The distribution of these funds will be overseen by the new Cladding Safety Victoria body, which will work to replace the cladding on approximately 500 private buildings considered to be at “the highest risk” which have been identified through the Victorian Building Authority’s Cladding Taskforce audit.

Cladding Safety Victoria will work exclusively with apartment buildings and will work with the relevant Owners Corporations from start to finish of their re-cladding project.

The VBA’s Chief Executive, Sue Eddy, said the establishment of Cladding Safety Victoria provides a clear plan for the advancement of rectification works across the state.

“This announcement enables thousands of Victorians to commence the cladding rectification process, making their buildings and homes safe and compliant,” Ms Eddy said.

Anyone seeking more information about replacing combustible cladding can call the telephone support line on 1300 456 542 or email

The VBA is continuing to audit buildings as a part of its ongoing cladding audit.

The audit had inspected 2,227 as of July 5 and identified 72 building-related as an extreme risk, 409 as high risk and another 388 as a moderate risk.

As the audit continues, any apartment building which has been audited and assessed as having a heightened fire risk will be referred to Cladding Safety Victoria.

The scope of the funds and Cladding Safety Victoria suggests that many moderate risk buildings will miss out on funding.

The rectification program is expected to take five years to complete and it is expected that Cladding Safety Victoria will reach out to relevant buildings in the weeks and months to come.

The Victorian government is providing $300million of the funds and had requested the Federal government to provide the other $300million.

The Federal government has rejected the request and as such, the Victorian government plans to raise the other $300million through increases to building permit levies.

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