22nd Dec 2017

Managing Nuisance Pets In Your Owners Corproation In September 2016, VCAT made a ruling which effectively made it impossible for an Owners Corporation to place a blanket ban on pets within their buildings. The ruling stated that pets could not be banned on the presumption that they could be a nuisance to fellow lot owners and residents. But what about when a pet does become a nuisance? Now we know what pet owners ...

22nd Dec 2017

Happy Pets Are Not Nuisance Pets Pets. You either love them or you hate them. In shared living spaces, the divide between pet lovers and those less inclined to have a furry friend of their own can be a difficult one to manage. How do you ensure pet owners maintain their rights to the enjoyment of their property while ensuring the harmony of common areas for all involved? Owners Corporations are limited in ...

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