Owners Corporation
9th Oct 2020

  Property is a big investment, and it’s only as good as how you manage and maintain it. However, in some cases, you may encounter what’s known as a building defect. The Australian Glossary of Building Terms defines a defect as “fault or deviation from the intended condition of a material, assembly, or component. Despite the legal definition, defects are an emotional topic for property owners, and it is often a topic that ...

8th Jan 2019

VCAT Decisions Reminds Owners Corporations in Melbourne of Need to Act Reasonably when considering owners with disabilities. Melbourne Owners Corporations were served a stark reminder of their duties to members with disabilities last month following another landmark decision from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Two Owners Corporations responsible for maintaining an apartment complex in Travancore were ordered to pay a 76-year-old woman with physical disabilities $10,000 and install automated doors and ramps ...

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