Moving In
26th Mar 2018

Car Parking Systems: An Increasing NecessityAs the apartment revolution continues in Melbourne, car stackers and automated parking technology is set to play an ever-growing role in the life of the everyday Melbournian.As developers build bigger and bigger projects, space is at an absolute premium and automated and semi-automated car parking technology can help maximise the efficiencies of those spaces. Overseas, the technology has been in use for some time but in Australia, automated ...

6th Mar 2018

Moving Into Your Apartment Moving homes is one of life’s most stressful experiences. It’s hard enough when moving between free-standing homes, but moving in and out of strata communities can mean even more to organise. From booking lifts to accessing common utility cupboards, there’s plenty to stay on top of. A lot of frustration Strata Plan sees from customers, whether they be lot owners, tenants or even managing agents are borne out of ...

16th Feb 2018

How To Connect Your Apartment To The Internet It is one of the biggest frustrations we at Strata Plan hear from apartment owners. We’re talking, of course, about connecting your apartment to the internet. Specifically, we’re talking about jumpering. No, it isn’t something you wear, but rather the process of connecting the local telephone exchange to your building’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and then to your apartment or unit. Confused? Don’t worry. Most ...

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