25th May 2018

THE DBDRV – A NEW WAY TO SOLVE BUILDING DISPUTES? In April 2017, the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) was established by the Victorian government. A business unit of the Department of Justice and Regulation, the DBDRV was established as an independent government agency to assist with the resolution of domestic building disputes. The service is free to building owners – such as an Owners Corporation - and builders and acts as ...

21st May 2018

WHERE THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY | HELPING AN OWNERS CORPORATION MANAGE AND RECTIFY BUILDING DEFECTS Strata Plan believes that Owners Corporations work best when owners take an active interest in their property and work collaboratively with all stakeholders to co-create amazing outcomes. And when it comes to amazing outcomes, it does not get much better than having $100,000s worth of building defect rectification for mere $1,000s. For some property owners, this ...

23rd Apr 2018

Identifying Defects When it comes to suspected building defects, it’s important to know all the facts. Defects are an emotional topic for property owners – however it is often a topic that is rife with misinformation, opinions and competing interests. This can make the process of defect rectification a painstakingly long one. The typical defect process can take over a year to resolve and cost 10s of thousands of dollars to finish. To ...

16th Apr 2018

Building Defects: A community issue Building defects are a community issue. They take a team of committed and united lot owners to co-create solutions and forge a successful path to rectification. Factions of fractured owners with different goals and agendas will never get their building’s issues sorted. Your Owners Corporation is the body that enables all owners to work together to solve the issues that affect the entire community within a building - ...

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