6th Jul 2018

Your Owners Corporation and working with owners and occupants with disabilities Melbourne Owners Corporations large and small were dealt a stern warning by the Supreme Court of Victoria in late June. In the decision of Owners Corporation OC1-POS539033E v Black [2018] VSC 337, which was handed down on June 21, 2018, the Supreme Court of Victoria smashed the assumption that Owners Corporations did not have to make alterations to common property for owners ...

4th Jul 2018

We often hear of the Owners Corporation’s responsibility to act in good faith on behalf of fellow owners. In fact, the Owners Corporation Act (VIC) 2006, says as much. In keeping with this, the Owners Corporation’s must also act reasonably when making decisions. But what is reasonable? Billed as one of the most significant strata cases in recent times, Ainsworth v Albrecht – which originated in Queensland – dealt with and set precedent ...

3rd May 2018

THE DOS AND DON’TS OF VISITOR CAR PARKINGIf there is one niggly issue that clogs up so many of our Strata Managers’ inboxes, it’s complaints about car parks. In fact, car parks are one of the most troublesome issues in the strata industry - for managers, owners and occupants alike.On a daily basis, Strata Plan will receive emails and phone calls from owners, tenants and employees alike about people parking in the wrong ...

16th Feb 2018

How To Connect Your Apartment To The Internet It is one of the biggest frustrations we at Strata Plan hear from apartment owners. We’re talking, of course, about connecting your apartment to the internet. Specifically, we’re talking about jumpering. No, it isn’t something you wear, but rather the process of connecting the local telephone exchange to your building’s Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and then to your apartment or unit. Confused? Don’t worry. Most ...

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