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Inspiring Amazing Life Spaces

It is a brand essence decreeing what Strata Plan strive to bring to the Owners Corporations we work with.

We all know the challenging context in which we collectively operate. From lot owners, to tenants and managing agents, we are working with a diverse range of stakeholders, who are often driven by different motivations. Because a group of people share a building does not mean that they share the same world view. Add to this the varying levels of involvement that different Owners Corporations have, from highly functioning and involved committees through to no committee and overriding apathy.

This may be why for so long within the Owners Corporation management world organisations have tended to be reactive, unimaginative and staid beasts intent on doing the minimum required to hang on to their contract. For many it was simply a mindset focused around how best to survive the blame game.

But Strata Plan was never created to be like the rest. Yes, from day one founder Simon Chamaa felt the stresses that played out every day, but he also felt compelled to explore what could be done to re-invent the industry.

The drive to create something very different started in 2004 when Simon was offered the opportunity to manage his first building.

What followed was an intense self-education process, reading anything remotely relevant, meeting with specialist lawyers in the game and seeking out what the industry saw as best practice.

Paradoxically the fact that he discovered no inspirational practices on offer, was in fact his inspiration. He knew there had to be a better way to the Industry’s archaic manually driven processes and propensity to react, not lead.

Strata Plan would become that vehicle.

And what a powerful dream it is when you are driven to inspire amazing life spaces. As a brand it has meant Strata Plan has had to re-think the total eco-system of the Owners Corporation world.

At its most basic level, ‘inspiring amazing life spaces’ is about making it ever so easy for Owners Corporations to function properly. It is taking the hassle out of managing spaces that have shared ownership, on every level. From maintenance to use, from accounting to insurance, from security to personal freedom, from compliance to co-operation. Strata Plan’s role is to guide, resource and act on the myriad of details that make shared ownership a seamless process.

This means having an absolute curiosity to explore beyond the boundaries of the industry for inspiration. To actively challenge why processes and relationships are as they are, all the time pondering alternative ‘what if scenarios’.

While many of the elements of an amazing life space is embedded in the designs of the buildings that we manage, it is simply the beginning for us. We know that an amazing life space is also shaped by the way owners, residents and workers co-exist. Understanding how to create a great sense of community, the sorts of principles that should be at play to drive respect and mutuality are as important as the physical surrounds that bring diverse individuals together under an Owners Corporation banner.

Our role is to ensure that every Owners Corporation we engage with can optimise the experience on offer to all concerned. It why we hold dear the thought that we need to INSPIRE! Amazing Life Spaces need not be a random outcome. We know what works and what does not. We know which spaces truly hum and which ones don’t. In short we know our stuff – but it is of little value if we do not actively transfer this magic across our whole Owners Corporation network. Yes, we know some will be receptive and others not. But we will never lose the drive to be the absolute best in our game and to forever be on the journey of Inspiring Amazing Life Spaces.

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