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Strata Plan Update: New Phone Queue System

Strata Plan introduces new phone system to help create greater efficiencies for Melbourne Body Corporate customers

You may notice some changes the next time you call Strata Plan.

Strata Plan has introduced a new call queue system to help our customers get where they need to go within the business more efficiently.

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The new queue will allow customers to go directly to the team that can best assist them with their queries.

Next time you call Strata Plan on 1300 278 728, you will be greeted with a quick welcoming message before being presented 5 different options, as follows:

Press 1 for Repairs and Maintenance – This will take you to the helpful Reactive Taskforce which sits in Strata Plan’s Facilities Maintenance team. Some of the things you will want to talk to this team about include; broken lifts, leaks, damaged common property, lack of hot water and other similar events at your property which will require your Owners Corporation to engage a qualified contractor.

Press 2 for Insurance and Claims – This will take you to our in-house Insurance Team – which forms a part of our Customer Service team. Go here to ask any questions about your Owners Corporation’s building insurance, to discuss any quotes your Owners Corporation has received for insurance or to find out more about lodging a claim or checking on the progress of a claim.

If you’re chasing a Certificate of Currency, you can order that directly through our website:

Press 3 for Access Orders/Requests – This will take you to the Access division of our Facilities Maintenance team. This division will help you with any key or access device (fobs, swipes, remotes etc.) you have made or plan to make. This team will also help you with Move-In/Out requests, as well as car stacker induction enquiries and anything else to do with accessing common property.

If you are looking to place an order for a new access device, you can do this and more through our website:

New Access Device Orders: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/access-device-request-form/ Use this to order new remotes/fobs/restricted keys.

Car Stacker/Lift Induction Request: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/car-stacker-lift-induction-request-form/ Use this form to book in your car stacker induction.

Move-In/Move-Out Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/move-in-move-out-form/ Use this form to advise Strata Plan and your Owners Corporation of your upcoming move-in or move-out of the property.

Temporary Access Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/temporary-access-form/ Use this if you or your contractor requires access to a common property area which is usually locked. This is typically used when setting up a new internet connection to ensure your technician has access to the MDF Cupboard to finalise your new internet connection.

Press 4 if you know your Case Number – If your call is in reference to an ongoing discussion about something to do with your Owners Corporation and you have been assigned a case number, please select this option and enter your case number when prompted. This will make it a lot easier for our Customer Service team to direct your call to the appropriate team within Strata Plan.

Hold for all other enquiries – If your call does not quite fit the above options, or you’re not sure which one to pick, then hold the line to speak to one of our Customer Service team who will help you with all other queries and/or direct you to the people who can.


Most Owners Corporation-related queries or actions can be requested through our website.

Using the website to place orders and initiate request has a wealth of benefits, including:

• Your request will be created directly in Strata Plan’s system and assigned to the responsible person/team
• You will receive a case number, which can be used when requesting updates
• You avoid the need to pick up the phone
• Your request can be lodged can be completed in seconds

Other than the forms outlined above, our most frequently used forms include:

Owner Details Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/owner-details-form/ Use this to update your contact details. Can also be used to update Managing Agent details.

Owners Corporation Certificate Order Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/owner-corporation-certificates/ Use this to order an Owners Corporation Certificate.

Statement Request Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/statement-request-form/ Use this to request a financial statement of your Owners Corporation levies

Signage Installation/Removal Request Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/signage-installation-removal-request-form/ Use this to request Owners Corporation approval for any signage needs on common property. Typically used by Real Estate Agents to request permission for “For Sale” signs at the front of the property.

Enquiry Form: https://www.strataplan.com.au/online-forms/enquiry-form/ Use this for all other general enquiries.

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