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Strata Plan prides itself on being there to support developers in the establishment of Owners Corporation affecting their projects and seeing them through to handover to the first lot-owners post-settlement.

Our Owners Corporation expertise will help your bring your ideas to life, helping you through the logistics and management of shared amenities in your project, as well as assisting with the proposal of initial budgets.

Our Facilities Maintenance team is on hand to ensure that every aspect of your project is recorded and included on our system to ensure a smooth hand-over process, while our Customer Services team will ensure your clients are well cared for and well informed leading into the settlement of your project.

Our industry-first Onboarding Experience will ensure all your customers Owners Corporations questions are filtered to us and out of your inbox.

Our experience working with new buildings means we can often be of help during the initial design and pre-marketing phase of your project. The sooner we become involved, the better!

What’s more, we’ll ensure your customers receive a first-class welcome to their new homeor investment property. We strive to provide the kind of experience that will reflect well upon your brand as well as ours, through our industry leading onboarding initiatives.

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