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Owners Corporation management is a complex undertaking that involves many stakeholders and, as a result, Strata Plan has a holistic range of solutions for everyone involved.

Strata Plan is a leading Owners Corporation manager in Melbourne, Victoria and we believe in Inspiring Amazing Life Spaces™ for every Owners Corporation we work with.

Whether you are a developer who needs an Owners Corporation manager service solution to advise you on issues of common property or help setting up your building for handover to its first Owners Corporation, or a committee members of an existing Owners Corporation in Victoria seeking to change management, we can help.

Strata Plan is committed to delivering 360⁰ of strata management services to continue inspiring amazing life spaces.

Strata Plan prides itself on being there to support developers in the establishment of Owners Corporation affecting their projects and seeing them through to handover to the first lot-owners post-settlement. Our Owners Corporation expertise will help your bring your ideas to life, helping you through the logistics and management of shared amenities in your project, as well as assisting with the proposal of initial budgets. ...

At Strata Plan, we recognise that every Owners Corporation and its members are different. Sometimes, members are happy to take on the bulk of the work and look to Strata Plan merely for guidance and the actioning of their requests. In other instances, Owners Corporation members in a strata title are less reluctant to play an active role and look to Strata Plan to provide ...

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