SCA and Greens lead call for Federal cladding fund

Strata Communities Australia (SCA) and The Greens join forces to call for Federal cladding fund

Strata Communities Australia (SCA) and Melbourne Greens candidate Adam Bandt are joining forces to call for Commonwealth government funding for the removal of combustible cladding.

Strata owners are now being invited to sign a petition and share their stories of having to deal with the cladding crisis currently gripping the strata industry.

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The Greens and the SCA are campaigning for federal funds to be made available up front to help avoid length remediation processes which were stopping Owners Corporations from fixing their buildings.

The Commonwealth government should underwrite rectification of combustible cladding with a $50 million fund that would help the owners of an initial 800 apartments replace the potentially dangerous panels and speed up a process hamstrung by regulatory and cost issues, Strata Communities Australia and the Greens Party say.

In a joint push, the country’s peak body for the strata industry and federal Greens MP for Melbourne Adam Bandt have said federal government upfront funding – which it could subsequently recoup from responsible parties – was necessary to avoid the lengthy remediation processes were hampering Owners Corporations ability to fix their buildings.

“The government should step in, fix the cladding now then recoup the cost from those responsible afterwards,” Mr Bandt told The Australian Financial Review.

“Timing is critical. The flammable products are up there now. Given that, as we’ve seen, they could go up and cause dangerous fires and put people at risk at any moment, then the responsibility to act is now.”

SCA chief executive Alisha Fisher said Owners Corporations are being forced to pay up to $60,000 to remove and replace combustible cladding and that the support of minor parties would be crucial to helping desperate owners access much-needed government funding.

“With the support of minor parties ahead of the federal election, we can make positive moves towards a more viable solution to combustible cladding that safeguards the interests of those who live in strata,” Ms Fisher said.

In an email released by the SCA to members (including Strata Plan), Ms Fisher and the SCA released an open invitation to Melbournians who are dealing with or have already dealt with, combustible cladding on their building.

The email also included a link to an open letter from The Greens, which you can view HERE, as well as their five-point plan to respond to what they have termed the national cladding crisis.

The Greens’ five-point plan to respond to the national cladding crisis includes:

  1. Conduct a National Audit of all high-rise buildings in Australia where not done yet;

  2. The urgent removal or remediation of unsafe PE core cladding from all high-risk buildings, supported by the establishment of an ‘Emergency Cladding Safety Fund’ with an initial injection of $50 million;

  3. Ban the importation of flammable unsafe cladding as recommended by a Federal Senate inquiry;

  4. Amend the Building Code to ban the use of flammable unsafe cladding in construction; and

  5. Require the Commonwealth to lead a COAG decision to implement a new levy on developers to recoup costs of solving the unsafe cladding problem.

Those affected are invited to attend a public meeting on 14 May 2019 to talk directly about the issue.

The meeting details are as follows:

Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Tuesday 14 May 2019, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Details and RSVP:

Owners can also sign Mr Bandt’s petition at

DISCLAIMER: This article does not indicate any endorsement of The Greens or any of their policies. It is provided as a general update on the ongoing cladding issue which affects some of Strata Plan’s customers and to ensure all customers are aware of the petition and meeting which may be of interest to them.

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