As a lot owner, you are one of the most important and valuable contributors to your Owners Corporation.

As your Owners Corporation manager, Strata Plan strives to ensure that accessing information about your strata title, making decisions that affect your property and contributing to your property is a smooth and easy process.

On this page, you will find a handy collection of links, forms and information that we hope will help you find what you are looking for and get the most out of Strata Plan’s Owners Corporation management service.


If you own a lot on a strata or subdivided title, such as an apartment, unit or townhouse, you automatically become a member of the Owners Corporation for that property.

Your Owners Corporation is the collective body of owners within your strata title, which collectively makes a number of important decisions about how your common property is cared for and managed.

As a lot owner, your most significant contribution will come in the form of levy payments, which help to pay for all the services at your building, including caretaking, gardening, waste management and other services your building may require, as well as building insurance and any repairs and maintenance which are required over the course of the year.

As an owner, you can contribute to any decisions your Owners Corporation makes by attending Annual General Meetings, becoming a member of your Owners Corporation’s committee or simply by reporting any issues to Strata Plan, your Owners Corporation manager.


  • LATEST NEWS – Keep up to date with all Strata Plan news and industry information which may be of relevance to you, your property or your Owners Corporation
  • CUSTOMER PORTAL – Log into Strata Plan’s online customer portal to view a wealth of information about your Owners Corporation, including your personal financial position, important documents and contracts.
  • FAQs – We have a wealth of Owners Corporation knowledge in our FAQ’s. These are a great place to start if you are new to Owners Corporations or Strata Plan and need some quick guidance.
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