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Unique outcomes for unique buildings
Unique outcomes for <span>unique buildings</span>

Strata Plan manages a wide range of Owners Corporations, but there is no doubting that bigger buildings pose different challenges to most. At Strata Plan, we give those challenges the unique consideration they deserve to drive optimum shared living experiences for all and to inspire amazing life spaces.


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  • New 199-lot, residential and commercial development on Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn
  • Four towers, seven levels
  • Common dining, lounge, garden and rooftop terrace areas
  • Unique security challenges

As Botanica edged closer and closer to completion in late 2016, Strata Plan saw an opportunity to set a new standard for Owners Corporation management.

Botanica – a 199-lot, mixed-use Owners Corporation split between four buildings developed by Blue Earth in the heart of Balwyn – presented Strata Plan some different management challenges.

How would security be managed across four buildings in a heavily-tenanted building? How would move-ins work on a busy main street while construction was finishing on one of the four buildings? How would common facilities – such as lounge, dining and rooftop terrace areas – be effectively booked, used and managed?

A special building called for dynamic and creative solutions and thankfully, Blue Earth were receptive to Strata Plan’s plans to meet those challenges across three key pillars:

  • Communication
  • Process
  • Security

COMMUNICATION: Strata Plan established a brand new website and community portal – – to manage all communication with lot owners, managing agents and tenants. Aside from communication, the portal serves as a vital resource for all stakeholders in the building, with manuals and asset information all in one convenient location. It also opened up a realm of possibilities for new processes.

PROCESS: Those processes include seamless booking of common facilities, including the payment of a bond for use of those facilities, as well as making it easier than ever for incoming residents to book their move-in. Strata Plan also sourced a building manager for the Owners Corporation to ensure these processes were followed diligently.

SECURITY: In an effort to curb one of the most common problems in buildings of this size where a high proportion of lots are tenanted, Strata Plan also worked with the Owners Corporation to establish a bond system on all fobs and swipes. In buildings with a high proportion of tenanted lots, fobs are often lost, or simply not returned by outgoing tenants with little consequence, presenting a large security threat to buildings of this size. Not so at Botanica, where Strata Plan’s proactive and modern approach to Owners Corporation management has significantly reduced this issue by creating greater accountability for the use, safekeeping and return of access devices.

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