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At Strata Plan, we believe exceptional service is not a privilege.

We learned quickly that to deliver a scalable, holistic Owners Corporation management service, the status quo where one manager does everything for your property simply would not cut it.

At Strata Plan, your Owners Corporation management will not be looked after by one or two people, but rather a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your Owners Corporation is catered for.

No matter how big or small your Owners Corporation (or body corporate as they were once known), it is unrealistic to expect that one individual can be an expert in every facility on your Owners Corporation’s common property, or an expert in accounting, while still having the time to answer calls, action maintenance requests and chase lot owners in arrears.

Managing a strata title is a big responsibility and one that Strata Plan takes very seriously.

That is why Strata Plan has gone above and beyond to ensure our management service is the best resourced in the industry, with four different teams, each with a specific focus to ensure a holistic management solution for your Owners Corporation, no matter how big or small.


Every Owners Corporation managed by Strata Plan has a dedicated Strata Manager, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of your Owners Corporation, acts as your main point of call, attends and runs all of your Annual General Meetings and provides regular advice and guidance to your Owners Corporation committee. Our Strata Management service team is comprised of a diverse range of manager from a variety of backgrounds, ensuring your individual Strata Manager has a wide range of experience and expertise at their disposal.


Supporting your Strata Manager in the provision of their duties is Strata Plan’s Facilities Maintenance team, who ensure our records of all the facilities – from location to their service contracts – are accurate and maintained. This team is crucial to Strata Plan’s excellent building set-up capabilities, as it ensures every aspect of the new development is recorded to ensure the eventual Strata Manager is able to rely on accurate records and details of the different facilities available to lot owners and other relevant parties.


Your Strata Manager will also be able to call on our specialised Accounts team, who maintain the financial records and status of your Owners Corporation, as well as running Strata Plan’s debt recovery efforts to ensure all your Owners Corporation’s outstanding levies are paid in full as soon as possible.


Strata Plan’s Customer Support team performs a number of vital functions within the business. Whether it be answering your calls with a friendly smile or looking after your property’s insurance claims, our Customer Support team does just that – support you. Customer Support help our Strata Managers prepare Owners Corporation Certificates, liaise with insurers, help our customers to arrange their move-ins and much, much more. With a wealth of data and information at their fingertips, our Customer Service team prides itself on being able to help all our customers find relevant information about their properties.

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