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Do you want to keep a pet on your property? Your Owners Corporation needs a record. Fill out this form to register your pet (subject to Owners Corporation approval).

Request / Application to Keep an Pet or Animal on the Lot

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  3. Before proceeding, please review the Terms of Use and Consumer Disclosure.

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I request approval from the Owners Corporation to keep an animal on the lot, based on the following terms.

Details of person(s) making request:
Animal's Details
  1. Approval is not granted until this form is signed by, or on behalf of, the Owners Corporation.
  2. Until approval is granted, no animal may be brought onto or kept on the lot by any person(as per the Owners Corporation Rules).
  3. If approval is granted, it is not granted to any person who has not signed this form. Only persons to whom approval is granted may keep the animal on the lot.
  4. The animal must be kept under control at all times.
  5. The animal must be carried across common property at all times.
  6. The animal is not permitted to cause a nuisance. Examples of a nuisance include defecating, urinating and dropping hair on common property and barking.
  7. Nuisances caused by the animal are considered an immediate breach. If the animal cause a nuisance, the Owners Corporation will reconsider, and may revoke, any approval granted.
  8. The lot owner accepts full liability for costs incurred in rectifying or remedying any nuisance or other breach, such as cleaning and maintenance costs.
  9. The lot owner accepts full liability for costs incurred in addressing any nuisance or other breach, such as legal and administrative costs.
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