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Maintaining history
Maintaining <span>history</span>

Strata Plan has a proven track-record managing Owners Corporations at heritage-listed sites across Melbourne. Perhaps the most famous of those is Collingwood’s Yorkshire Brewery. Steeped in history and tradition, the site was recently redeveloped to house apartments, townhouses and retail under strict Heritage Council Victoria guidelines. As Owners Corporation manager, Strata Plan plays an important role in ensuring the newly developed site stays true to its historic roots.


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  • Multi-use Owners Corporation in Collingwood
  • 338 apartments, 18 townhouses and two retail spaces
  • Heritage listed site: Yorkshire Brewery – First established in 1858
  • Owners Corporation required to undertake regular inspections and reporting to ensure property is maintained within heritage-listed requirements
  • Strata Plan arranged, implemented and monitored Heritage Infrastructure Maintenance Plan (HIMP)

It has been almost 160 years since the Yorkshire Brewery opened its doors.

Established in 1858 by John Wood, the brewery would become and remains a cultural landmark in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, with its six-storey polychrome brick tower standing tall as the establishment’s most prominent feature.

owners corporation management collingwood

Today, the Yorkshire Brewery is home to 338 apartments, 18 town houses and two retail spaces following a stunning redevelopment by SMA Projects which was completed in 2016.

The brewery’s famous brick tower is the last of its kind in Victoria, and is noted by Heritage Council of Victoria as one of the most significant in Victoria for it architectural detail, its archaeological importance and as, “the most notable surviving brewery complex in the municipality of Collingwood”.

As Owners Corporation manager, Strata Plan is tasked with ensuring owners are aware of their responsibility to maintain the historic integrity of such an iconic site, helping them to budget for all related expenses and ensuring stringent processes are in place to stop any unplanned or unregulated works from occurring on the property.

As the original Owners Corporation manager for the new development, Strata Plan worked diligently to ensure a thorough and compliant Heritage Infrastructure Management Plan (HIMP) was developed and submitted to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP).

The HIMP includes a clear definition of which structures must be maintained and a schedule of works for inspections, washing and maintenance of these structures.

Upon approval of the HIMP, Strata Plan worked with the Owners Corporation to include the management plan into the Additional Rules and appoint a contractor responsible for conducting works as per the plan’s schedule.

The HIMP also requires Strata Plan to present thorough reports on the condition of the property’s heritage listed assets to the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria.

Through this thorough and collaborative work with multiple stakeholders, Strata Plan has helped to put in place stringent maintenance and reporting procedures to ensure the Owners Corporation complies with its responsibility to keep the Yorkshire Brewery standing tall and proud as one of Victoria’s most iconic sites.

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