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14th Dec 2017

A new online home for Owners Corporations As 2017 draws to a close, Strata Plan is delighted to present our brand new website, which we truly believe will change the game for Owners Corporation managers. Our mandate is to Inspire Amazing Life Spaces for all our customers and all the people who occupy and interact with the properties we help to manage. We believe a massive part of helping customers to achieve that ...

24th Oct 2017

STRATA PLAN: OWNERS CORPORATIONS MUST BRACE FOR INSURANCE RISES Strata Plan expects Owners Corporation insurance premiums to rise dramatically over the next course of renewals following stern warnings from strata insurers that they will need to compensate for the increased risk in insuring buildings with suspect cladding. The widespread use of non-compliant cladding as identified by an audit of buildings in Melbourne following the 2014 Lacrosse Tower fire in Docklands in recent decades ...

24th Oct 2017

Owners Corporations and Annual General Meetings: A couple of hours to make a real difference to your investment At Strata Plan, it is that time of year once again. It is Annual General Meeting (AGM) season. If your Owners Corporation is managed by Strata Plan, you should expect, if you have not already received, notification of your upcoming AGM, along with the minutes from last year's meeting, an agenda for this year's meeting ...

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