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Case Studies
31st Oct 2017

Strata Plan has a proven track-record managing Owners Corporations at heritage-listed sites across Melbourne. Perhaps the most famous of those is Collingwood’s Yorkshire Brewery. Steeped in history and tradition, the site was recently ...

30th Oct 2017

One of the biggest problems Owners Corporations can face is members who do not pay their levies or fees on time. Maybe they do not understand what their fees pay for. Maybe they ...

30th Oct 2017

Strata Plan manages a wide range of Owners Corporations, but there is no doubting that bigger buildings pose different challenges to most. At Strata Plan, we give those challenges the unique consideration they ...

30th Oct 2017

Strata Plan strives to Inspire Amazing Life Spaces in all the Owners Corporations we manage. We believe that success in this pursuit is only truly possible when every stakeholder in what we call ...

30th Oct 2017

Strata Plan is a firm believer that prevention beats cure, every time. Strata Plan takes the safety of its customers and their buildings seriously and we will always recommend that our customers take ...

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