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About Strata Plan

Strata Plan brings a courageous, modern vision to the world of Owners Corporation management.

From day dot we have been driven – we are in the game because we truly believe we can make a difference. In Melbourne, Owners Corporations are growing in importance and relevance in how people are choosing to live and we are buoyed by the prospect of being at the cutting edge of how this plays out.

As Victoria’s Owners Corporation management specialists, we work with strata titles of all shapes and sizes, helping our customers achieve their goals for their shared life spaces with a wide range of body corporate services.

Yes, we are trouble shooters – but it is our innate ability to find enduring Owners Corporation management solutions that sets us apart. If we are simply pushing the repeat button on problems, we know we are stalled. We continually look outside our industry for inspiration and ideas. We are propelled to reinvent what is possible.

For our customers, it means being more than “Yes-Men” or applying the same band-aid solution every time. It means bringing uplifting ideas to the table.

It means Inspiring Amazing Life Spaces.

Strata Plan builds strong relationships with every contributor to the Owners Corporation eco-system to drive dynamic outcomes for our customers. We are in the people game, day-in and day-out. We intersect everyday with people’s lives and being in tune with them and their context allows us to respond in a timely and relevant manner. And we know we cannot do it alone. We invest in building relationships with the trades and services that sustain and transform the spaces we manage. Our end game is to demonstrate to everyone we connect with that we care – because we do.

We see the best and the worst of how Owners Corporations in Melbourne function, and we know how to drive optimal outcomes. We believe our role as strata manager is to translate our knowledge into processes that lift the burden from Owners Corporations.

And it is that expertise that underlines our ambition.

We have to be masters of our game. But we know it is more than the Owners Corporations Act, it is having an intimate feel for the context in which it is being applied. The people, the buildings, the spaces, the trades – our voice is always one of expert authority.

Inspiring amazing life spaces means that Strata Plan is continuously lifting our sights to new possibilities. We have to consciously stir the imagination of Owners Corporations about how they can frame the life experience on offer to owners, residents and everyone in between in the Owners Corporation eco-system.

At Strata Plan, this is more than just a vision. It is our every day. Head over to our Portfolio for a selection of case studies showcasing how we have encouraged exhilarating outcomes to Owners Corporations under our care and meet Our Teams who encouraged them.

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